Summer Granny Square Shoulder Bag Free Crochet Patterns

Turn your favorite granny square into Granny Square Shoulder Bags for summer walks and avoid huge bags and bothersome backpacks! I have shared some crochet bags with free patterns already, and if you are looking for some handbags for the breezy spring outing, The Crochet Tote Bag Free Patterns are just perfect for weekend shopping. How about your little ones? They will love animal bags to carry around with their toys. A bag to simply carry sun glasses, a coin purse and keys, just the essential? How to make a beautiful Mini Crochet Shoulder Bag in a run? It’s a pretty simple idea: a crochet solid square, very easy to make, and some details added here and there, as tassels or fringes.

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Summer Granny Square Shoulder Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Click the link below for the free crochet pattern:

Summer Mini Shoulder Bag by Anabelia Handmade

My Favorite Tote Flower Granny Bag Free Crochet Pattern

My Favorite Tote Bag by Carolyn Calderon