Knit Crochet Alien Yip Yips Hanging Basket Free Patterns

Many kids grow up with Sesame Street, and they may love the yip tip aliens, and here comes the yip yip hanging basket for their toy storage or use as laundry sack. I have shared some fabulous crochet basket free patterns that you may want to check them out.  The Crochet Diamond Trellis Basket Free Patterns is a fabulous choice you won’t miss for this sturdy and texture. This cute little hanging basket is a great beginner pattern. The pattern is simple and works in the round without joining. Use them as holiday stockings, toy storage, kids’ laundry!  So fun to decorate kids room and easy to work out, and there are both crochet and knitting versions included. Thanks Carissa for the free patterns for us all.

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Crochet Alien Yip Yips Hanging Basket Free Pattern

Click the link here for the crochet version:

Yip Yips (knit) by Carissa Browning

Knit Alien Yip Yips Hanging Basket Free Knitting Pattern

Yip Yips (crochet) by Carissa Browning