Crochet Diamond Trellis Basket Free Patterns

Want to crochet some basket for home organization, we have some fabulous crochet basket free patterns available to check them out. And you will love this sturdy looking Crochet Diamond Trellis Basket to hold your yarn stash or clothes. The pattern makes use of post stitches to improve the stiffness of the finished basket. You can easily customize your basket to be larger or smaller than the example shown by increasing or decreasing the size of the base.

Crochet Diamond Trellis Basket Free Patterns

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A rectangular version of the Diamond Trellis Basket! The basket is worked seamlessly in the round from the center base out. This pattern uses the diamond trellis stitch to add stiffness to the sides- a video tutorial is included.You may use any stash yarn you have lying around – just hold a few strands together to increase the yarn weight. This project is good for using up any scratchy or stiff yarns as the texture will help the basket to hold shape.

Crochet Diamond Trellis Basket Free Patterns - Rectangular Diamond Trellis Basket

This diamond trellis basket is worked in the round from the base up – so no seaming required! The basket is worked holding 3 strands of dk yarn together – so you can mix your choice of colors if preferred, or substitute 2 strands of worsted weight yarn instead. This crochet basked is featured with 9 inches wide at the bottom. Crochet Diamond Trellis Basket Free Patterns - round base

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