Easy Garter Stitch Knit Crossover Slippers Free Knitting Pattern

Want to knit some house slippers for your family? This Garter Stitch Knit Crossover Slippers is easy to knit, good to wear indoor and outdoor with soles. You may love the Knit Easiest Ballet Flat House Slippers from Square Free Knitting Pattern, if you have hardwood floors, you definitely know what I am talking about! This pair of cozy Crossover slippers is a great little pattern, so easy to knit in simple garter stitch which is also known as “plain knitting”. The finished slippers are cozy, lightweight and very pack-able. The standard Cross-Over slipper kit uses  Squiggle yarn and two pairs of felt soles from Joes’ toes store. There are Socks & Boot liners available if you want to knit yourself (You know it’s difficult to find a thick felt sole). Soles available in all sizes from newborn to adult size UK 12 in a variety of materials. Sew 2 layered of soles to make your shoes wearable, more comfortable and also hide the joins when stitching between the two sole layers leaving the slipper smooth both inside and out as the designer suggests.

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Easy Garter Stitch Knit Crossover Slippers Free Knitting Pattern

Learn more here: Cross-Over Knitted Slipper

by Amanda Blackwell, and get the kit via the link below size 3-14: 

Joe’s Toes Crossover Knitted Slipper kit