Knit Valentine Heart Applique Free Knitting Patterns

Show your love with these easy Knit Valentine Heart Applique! Since I have shared different crochet Heartsalready, I am going to share the Knit Heart Amigurumi Free Pattern with video guide us beginners through again.  We have some crochet heart free patterns, too.  I recommend the Crochet Heart Shaped Basket from Old T-shirts in 2 Ways, which you can use it as rug or fold the edge up as basket.  The Crochet Heart Basket Free Patterns is just perfect for home organization. These cute little hearts make the perfect gift for your dear ones and will work just perfectly to reduce your leftover stash :). You can decorate them onto a card, or sew it onto a shirt or a pair of mittens or add a string and hang it on your nature table. They are also the perfect accessory for any occasion! Wear it as applique on sleeve or glove, adorn for the sake of a smile and many more.

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 Knit Garter Stitch Heart  Free Knitting Pattern

Garter Stitch Heart by natalja

Knit Valentine Heart Gift Card Topper Free Knitting Pattern

Valentine Hearts by Elizabeth Murphy

Valentine Sweetie Heart Free Knitting Pattern

Sweetie KNIT Heart by Jackie Loewen

Valentine Short-row Hearts Free Knitting Pattern

Knitted Short-row Hearts by Karolin Kroessling