Red Heart Cares Vintage Sweater Free Knitting Pattern

I love the cable knitted cowl into a chic sweater vest, if you love this design as I do, you will love this Vintage Knit Sweater Wrap Free Pattern. It’s perfect for cold whether, wearing cowl outside and vest in room or office. I have crochet cowl hoodie free pattern and crochet fox cowl which was loved by our fans so much. While if you are enthusiastic to knit your own, try to get soft cotton or wool yarn and follow the pattern below. I love the versatile outfit myself not matter it’s sew, knit or crochet, they are always on my hot picks for my own wardrobe.  This modern knit wrap was actually inspired by a “sweater-scarf” from 1917, in the early years that women supported the troops by working with the Red Cross. This easy to wear style is perfect for being active or relaxing.

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Red Heart Cares Vintage Sweater Free Knitting Pattern

Click the link below for the free knitting pattern:

Red Heart Cares Vintage Knit Sweater by Julie Farmer