DIY Crochet Owl Toilet Tank Seat Cover Set Free Pattern-Video

We are kind of obsessed with the owls. We have so many owl crafts already, the DIY macrame owls are fabulous for jewelry pendant and home decoration. The sock owl are so cute for kids gift or sew by kids themselves, and the owl dreamcatcher is another one of my favorites that catch our eyes at first sight!

And if you love to crochet, we have a fabulous collection of more than 20 DIY Free Crochet Owl Patterns that you can go check them out, and today we are going to  Crochet Owl Toilet Tank Seat Cover Set all with Free Patterns and video.These lace looking pineapple stitch owls are perfect for toilet cover, or area rugs, change or combine the colors to make it unique for your bathroom and surprise your family and guests in this holiday season.
DIY Crochet Owl Toilet Tank Seat Bathroom Set Cover Free Pattern-Video

This set contains 4 crochet pieces, two crochet rugs to the floor, and two for the toilet. To make your own crochet owl set, please watch the videos below.

  1. Crochet Owl Tank Cover

2. Crochet Seat Cover/Rug

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