Crochet Skull T-shirt Panel Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Skull T-shirt Panel not only for Halloween, but whenever you want. You ladies may love deep V, show your beautiful neck as well as make you look tall! Either V bra, or V-neck top and dress. Many ladies love V neck, to make neck looking long, and it’s sexy. But sometimes, we do need a little something to cover the privacy, and this is a triangular piece of lacy crochet to be worn attached to your bra, underneath a low cut top so as not to show too much cleavage. I have also shared 20+ Bra Hacks that Will Make Your Life Easier that you need to check it out for Summer wear. This one should be in the list, too. Made this up without the sandal ties and toe loop to use as an insertion in a V-neck t-shirt to wear for Halloween. I just hand sewed it to the shirt. Once I got it on the shirt I decided to make it a sugar skull and added the little flowers and leaves. Looks cute with a shirt underneath too.

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Crochet Skull T-shirt Panel Free Crochet Pattern

Click the link below for the Free Crochet pattern:

Skull T-shirt Embellishment

Crochet Skull Barefoot Sandal Free Crochet Pattern and More

You can also turn it into a chilly barefoot sandal, too:

Skull Barefoot Sandals