Lacy Summer Top Free Crochet Pattern + Video

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crocheter, this top-down Summer sweater top pattern is a must-have. If you’re anything like me, you probably have a beautiful collection of leftover yarn waiting to be transformed into something marvelous.This pattern is suitable for beginners as it includes step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.  It’s a simple two panel project, but you still end up with a cute little top. If you’re new to crochet, your friends will be so impressed when they see your work. If you’re a crochet veteran, your friends will still be impressed with your crochet mastery

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Lacy Summer Top Free Crochet Pattern + Video tutorial

Click the link below for the Free crochet pattern(Download Purchase):

V Neck Summer Crochet Top by KnitcroAddict