Crochet Bike Hanging Basket Free Crochet Pattern

I have shared some fabulous crochet basket free patterns that you may want to check them out.  The Crochet Diamond Trellis Basket Free Patterns is a fabulous choice you won’t miss for this sturdy and texture. But have you ever tried to crochet basket for bikes?! The following is a creative idea to crochet a bike hanging basket for extra storage for kids and adults, too. I believe that all crocheters want to get a feel for how a pattern is and build a trust factor with the pattern designer.  This basket is crocheted using basic stitch, and thick cotton yarn, super durable and great for organization and storage!

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Crochet Bike Hanging Basket Free Crochet Pattern

Click the link here for free pattern:

 Crochet basket for kids’ bike