Tapestry Crochet Sunflower Mandala Free Pattern + Video

Tapestry Crochet can be so soothing and relax to crochet than I have ever thought of! Mariie Crochet shares a fabulous video tutorial on making a tapestry Sunflower Mandala that you can easily follow and create your own for your dining table or sitting mat!  they may have looked too advanced or tricky to you. Mainly because of multiple color changes and detailed images. But the truth is tapestry crochet doesn’t differ much from traditional one You work with several different colors across each row to create beautiful graphic designs, producing work that seems to be complex, but in the end it’s not that hard at all. And this one works mainly on double crochet, which make the whole process so much easier.

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Tapestry Crochet Sunflower Mandala Free Pattern + Video

Click the link below for the Video tutorial:

Tapestry Sunflower by Mariie

Written Pattern: all efforts to decode by fabartdiy, follow the video for yarn change!

Start with the magic knot using dark brown yarn (Hook: 4.0mm)

Round 1: Make 16 dc into magic ring

Round 2: dc increase times 16 (32)

Round 3: (dc increase, dc) times 16 (48), yarn off

Round 4: (yellow dc * 5, green dc) * 8 (48)

Round 5: (yellow dc increase, yellow dc * 3, yellow dc increase, green dc) * 8 (64)

Round 6: (yellow dc * 9 including 1st ch2, green 3dc) * 8 (96)

Round 7: (yellow dc * 7(ch2, dc into next here), green 3dc, green dc, green 3dc) * 8 (112)

Round 8: (green ch2 as dc, white dc half to same st, yellow dc*4, white dc half, green dc*7) * 8 (112)

Round 9: (white ch2 as dc, white 2dc, white dc in half, yellow dc* 2, white dc, white 2dc, white dc half, green dc*6) * 8 (128), cut off yellow

Round 10: white ch2 as dc, (white 2dc, white dc*8, white 2dc, green dc*5) * 8 (136)

Round 11: (white dc*13 including ch2 as dc, white 2dc, green dc*3, white 2dc) * 8 (160)

Round 12: (white dc*16 including ch2 as dc, green dc, white dc*3) * 8 (160)

Note: check the video for yarn color change trick