Knit Elvish Teeny Tiny Baby Hat Free Knitting Pattern

Hats are one of the common gift to send for newborns, I have shared some knit hat patterns before, they are cozy and special especially handmade by yourself, meaningful for bay gift delivery. If you love knit, we have some good project to start now for Christmas, and I do recommend the Festive Knitted Socks for Christmas with Free Patterns. The Cable Knitted Scarfette Free Pattern is perfect for ladies. These elf hat is cozy and soft to keep baby warm in winter . Making baby gifts with your own hands is the sweetest way to show your love and welcome those new little ones to the world! This Elvish teeny tiny hat is designed for primeeies and would fit a baby with head circumference up to 12”. It makes for a truly heartwarming gift.

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Knit Elvish Teeny Tiny Baby Hat Free Knitting Pattern

Click the link below for the free knitting pattern:

Elvish teeny tiny hat by Alexandra Davidoff

Knit Elvish Pixieish Baby Hat Knitting Pattern

Click the link here for the knitting pattern up to 2 years old:

Pixieish by Alexandra Davidoff