Irish Crochet Reversible Feathers Free Crochet Pattern – Video

I love feathers, and crochet feathers make great accessory to my bags, I wish you love this fabulous Irish reversible crochet feathers. Remember these Crochet Feathers Free Patterns? And these beautiful crochet feathers patterns will be your next project for sure, if you love peacock as I do. They are so bright and beautiful for the early Spring crochet, you will need a very little yarn to make a single applique to decorate on your or your little one’s outfits.  Peacock feather is perhaps the most beautiful feather and it’s always fascinating us. I’ve already shared some Crochet Peacock Feather Motif Patterns and Crochet Peacock Earrings Free Patterns. Irish Crochet Reversible Feathers  are crochet in several different patterns, can be nice gift or souvenir or bookmarks for friends and family.  Thanks for Tejiendo Perú for sharing.

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Irish Crochet Reversible Feathers Free Crochet Pattern - Video

Click the link here for the free pattern video:

Reversible feathers in Irish crochet By Tejiendo Perú