Garter Stitch Knit Ten Stitch Triangle Shawl Free Knitting Pattern

Garter stitch may be one of the upmost 1st stitch for knitters to learn as a start. I have shared many garter stitch projects that you may love to try. This fun ten stitch knitted zigzag shawl is quite unusual in that it is knitted using only 10 basic garter stitches. Worked on just ten stitches, these garter stitch zigzag strips are joined as you go so there is no sewing up. This technique can be used to make blankets or scarves and works with any yarn and needles. The strips could also be knitted in different yarns making it a good pattern for using up oddments.

I have quite a bunch of shawl crochet and knitting free patterns featured on my site. You make the garter stitch zigzag strips by regularly increasing and decreasing stitches. This wide triangular shawl is worked as a narrow strip of garter stitch which is joined on as you go so there is no sewing up. The straight sections are simple yet compulsive knitting and row by row instructions are given for the two types of corner.  Again, thanks for Frankie, and since she shares the pattern for free and is working for charity, please consider making a donation to the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation,  which funds research and supports the families of children with a liver disease. You can do this easily by going to her fundraising page:

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Knit Ten Stitch Triangle Shawl Free Knitting Pattern

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Ten Stitch Triangle by Frankie Brown