DIY Recycled Clothes Memory Bear Free Sew Patterns

Babies grow up so fast and leave a lot of newborn and other small onesies and baby clothes behind. Especially for the first one, we got new baby clothes ever since baby shower, and some of them are totally new without wearing once! I have shared many ways to refashion old clothes. But when your child grows out of that adorable pair of pajamas or seriously cute onesie, there isn’t much you can do with them besides keep them in a box along with their baby books and old toys until now. Turn your babies favorite sleeper, outfit or blanket into a teddy bear as a keepsake By turning your baby’s sleeper or old clothes into a keepsake teddy bear, you can create heirloom-style mementos for your kids. Not only to repurpose baby clothing, but also to recycle missed grandparents or someone close, you can use their clothing or fabric and sew a cute teddy bear. There are many adorable, handmade stuffed animals made from your child’s old clothes on Etsy, and they’re the coolest keepsakes. Whatever your reason for having one or two special outfits saved, rather than relegate it to an old, dusty box, give it new life by getting it turned into something that your child can actually LOVE to play with.

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DIY Recycled Clothes Memory Bear Free Sew Patterns out of Men Shirt
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DIY Recycled Kids Clothes Memory Bear Free Sew Patterns
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DIY Recycled Baby Onesie Sleeper Memory Bear Free Sew Patterns
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DIY Easy Recycled Clothes Memory Bear Free Sew Patterns

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