DIY Plaster Dipped Flower Votives Tutorial

This DIY Plaster Dipped Flower Votives is so unique crafted with plaster for Modern home. Votive candles are one of the most popular decors for weddings and home decors which gives you a soft vintage and feminine ambiance. I have shared some votive projects as the DIY Vintage Votives with Mason Jar, the Frosted Epsom Salt Luminaries for Christmas and the recycled Milk Jug Waterlily Flower Luminaries.  This one is really eye catching and is actually simple and quick to make with artificial or real flowers, and the result is perfect for a quiet and romantic enjoyment. But playing with plastic with 1st time for me, will you try, too? It’s good choice to spray paint, too, but I would love to keep the color as it is!

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DIY Plaster Dipped Flower Votives Tutorial

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Plaster of Paris Flowers Votives by Gabrielle