Girls Panama Spiral Sun Hat Free Crochet Pattern + Video

I have some crochet hats free patterns available that you can check them out.  And I personally prefer Crochet Women Pom Pom Hat Free Pattern-Video, for myself. 😛    As we have so many helpful tutorials for you that will definitely make your crocheting process much more comfortable and enjoyable. You may love some crochet hats for Winter, we have quite a bunch of them on our site. There is something adorable about a little girl in a summer hat and summer dress. This free pattern is easy to follow and the hat looks amazing finished off with the flower embellishments, and what’s better is I also include a video tutorial as the bottom for your reference. Take your pick of any colored yarn, instead of yarnart yarn, you can find other light fingering yarn as good substitute!  They are great for gift delivery as well as boutique selling, too beautiful to believe they are handmade yourself , and the result of your handmade looks so professional! Your angel will be so proud of you for sure. You can get the Crochet Veined Rose Tutorial as well here.

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Crochet Girls Panama Spiral Sun Hat Free Pattern

You are lucky here you can get the free diagram and video tutorial that you can follow even if you are a crochet beginners (The hat is too pretty to try). You can decorated with 3D crochet flowers and fruits and even animals to make the hat more impressive. And great news is that Louise from Red Haired Amazona finally figured out the written pattern and shared with us crochet lovers. Click the link here for FREE crochet pattern: 

Russian Little Girls Cloche Hat Pattern- the spiral one + Video

Girls Panama Spiral Sun Hat Free Crochet Pattern + Video

Click the link here for FREE crochet pattern: 

Crochet Summer Panama Hats for Girls