Women Embossed Vest Crochet Pattern + Video

If you are looking for crochet thin coat or cardigan for your outwear, you will love this lovely Embossed Crochet Vest in your wardrobe. The other fabulous collection of Crochet Circle Cardigan as well as Crochet Circle Mandala Vest Free Patterns are for sure one of the best choice for ladies no matter as casual or work outfit. Layered over dress or shirts, it will make you look absolutely stunning. Cardigan is a must have timeless piece for ladies including little ones that become wardrobe staples. It is the time of year for warm crochet wear, and they are good for all year around, especially here in California.

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Women Embossed Vest  Crochet Pattern + Video

I also recommend Women Cable Knitted Sweater Cowl Vest which is one of my favorite for spring and Autumn wear. And don’t forget to check out our collection of  Crochet Rainbow Hooded Cowl Free Pattern if you love bright colors just as I do. 🙂  If it doesn’t matters for you and you just love everything beautiful and you can also Crochet Just Look at these pictures and imagine we have Found free Video tutorial for this awesome crocheted Vest CAL. Here is the first part to crochet the flower motif.

It is really  fabulous for you to wear this beautiful vest over shirt or dress in any situation and if you have some experience and you really want to crochet this Cal you will, because video tutorial is clearly explained and It’s in English. Thanks to Bonita Patterns for Video on Flower as well as the written pattern of the vest.

Women Embossed Vest  Crochet Pattern + Video

Get the written pattern here:

Embossed Crochet Boho Vest by Bonita Patterns