Crochet Easter Bunny Headband Free Crochet Patterns

Just in time for Easter, these are probably the best bunny ears you’ll ever make.  We have a wide collection of crochet bunny free patterns as well as other bunny crafts, and I do recommend the Sock Bunny Projects Round Up that you can recycle those odd socks that your kids love. And another fabulous collection of Crochet Easter Bunny Projects Free Pattern. Today I am going to share the cutest crochet Easter bunny headband from ladies and little girls. It’s so irresistibly cute everyone will fall in love with it instantly. The adult version is easy with usual headband, by crochet a ‘bow’ and tie around as the ear, easy for beginners to work, too.

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Crochet Baby Easter Bunny Headband with Flower Free Crochet Pattern

Bunny Ears Headband With Flowers by Lindsey Dale

Besides for being super cute and having giant pompoms, this pom pom bunny headband with the ears point straight up, instead of sticking out at sideways angles from your head.

Crochet Pom Pom Easter Bunny Headband Free Pattern

Click the link here for free pattern: 

Pompom Easter Bunny Headband by Projectarian

Crochet Retro Rabbit Ears Easter Bunny Headband Free Pattern

Click the link here for free pattern:

Retro Rabbit Ears by Charlotte W.