Crochet Celtic Knot Square Free Pattern

The best thing to crochet square is to crochet any size you like with one pattern, or crochet as large as you want by joining each square together, same or mix! We have some crochet square free patterns that you may love to take a look and follow up to crochet your own. And I do recommend the Crochet Sunburst Granny Square Free Pattern (Video) and Crochet Beautiful Lace Square Motif Bedding. Crochet square can be easy project to learn as beginner, to get familiar with the stitches and crochet some finished ones to practical use. Today we are going to share a fun way to crochet squares — the celtic knot square!

Crochet Celtic Knot Square Free Pattern

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These coasters are made by interleaving four rectangular crochet strips. You only need a small amount of of yarn. Ideally made with four or at least two colors as you will see from the photographs. Interested in making your own, you may need a wee fee to get the pattern on Ravelry: Celtic Coasters by Rainbow Junkie.

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Crochet Stripes into Square directly to crochet edgings into classic granny.

Crochet Celtic Knot Square Free Pattern f

Celtic Knot Squares Free Pattern by Carola Wijma