Unisex Vans Style Slippers Crochet Pattern

If you love to crochet some house slippers for your family, you will love to check out Crochet Women Slippers Shoe Patterns Round Up, and one of my favorite: Crochet Puff Slippers.  Today I am going to share this comfortable unisex Vans Style slippers for the whole family.  Keep same colors on soles but choose your favorite color for upper! You need to know how to work basic crochet stitches and how to decrease and increase stitches. The pattern includes all tips, instructions and how to work special stitches.

Skill level: Intermediate

Sizes: The pattern includes 5 different sizes. It is an unisex pattern but it includes size chart with US and EU conversions for men and women.

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Unisex Vans Style Slippers Crochet Pattern


Click the link here to get the pattern:

Vans style slippers by Showroom crochet