Thread Yarn Ball Home Decor DIY Tutorial – Video

Hi, Yarn lovers, still working on the Fun Yarn Birds?  Now let’s try something new, this Thread Yarn Ball Home Decor tutorial includes different ways to make your yarn balls, and a plus tutorial to shape your tree branch home decor using willow tree branches. you may have seen or tried yarn balls with little help of balloon. And now we start our yarn craft again to make twine or yarn decorative balls ideas to inspire when we can use them. Yarn balls are really awesome decorations as for indoors as for outdoors by hanging, adding lights inside, or decorative flowers on them. And we only need to wrap the yarn around the balloon, dip the yarn into glue and wait dry, pop out and get out the balloon from the ball, sounds easy? Try it before saying yes. Don’t stop there, you can add glitters to make your Christmas decoration sparkle, or else create a yarn ball with handmade branches yourself, here are some inspirational ideas to decorate your sweet home for this Season.

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DIY  Glittery Snowball Tutorial Out of Thread Yarn

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 Glittery Snowball Tutorial

Thread Yarn Ball Home Decor DIY Tutorial - Video

How to make your own handmade tree branches? Click the link here for the video tutorial:

How to make home decor from branches and balls of thread By Master Sergeich