Milano Shoulder Wrap Lace Poncho Free Crochet Pattern

A cape? A wrap? A Poncho, this Milano Shoulder Wrap Lace Poncho are trio! As it’s getting hotter, but the morning and night chill really make you sick! This fabulous Shoulder Wrap is just what I want, and it makes perfect wedding wear as well for the bride! Some of our friends has been asking for the crochet circle vest for times, mailing me if we have free patterns available for adults.  Cardigan is for sure one of the best choice for ladies no matter as casual or work outfit. They can be flattering over tees and dresses. Cardigan is a must have timeless piece for ladies including little ones that become wardrobe staples. It is the time of year for warm crochet wear, and they are good for all year around.

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Milano Shoulder Wrap Lace Poncho Free Crochet Pattern

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Milano by DROPS Design