How to Macrame Derweesh Paracord Belt DIY Tutorial

I love this cool Macrame Derweesh Paracord Belt when I saw it at first sight, special designed, a bit challenging but workable with my girls. Macrame is a craft that involves tying knots into decorative patterns. A variety of materials including string, silk, yarn or hemp can be used depending on the desired finished look. I have shared DIY Macrame Owl Tutorial with Video which is so fabulous to use as necklace pendant. I also shared macrame hammock, macrame friendship bracelet DIY tutorials which are perfect to bring macrame craft into fashion and home decoration. In this cool tutorial, you can learn How To macrame A Derweesh Paracord Belt, which is different from traditional paracord or solomon, but a bit more like cobra. This is actually a slightly tricky pattern if you’re new to weaving (not that I’m some sort of expert or anything), I would recommend starting with something simpler, like a regular sinnet or cobra stitch. So get the roller buckle and macrame thread and you can make this cool woven belt.

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How to Macrame Derweesh Paracord Belt DIY Tutorial

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Manly Knitting II by Soul Samurai