Knit Parts Unknown Cowl Free Knitting Pattern

From the designer: this Viking cowl in memory of Anthony Bourdain, and as you are making and wearing it, never forget, we’re all only human. I have shared some fabulous yarn projects for the cold days, including the crochet hatcrochet cowl, and crochet cardigan to keep your warm in cold weather. I also have the Crochet Hooded Cowl Free Pattern as fabulous combination of hat as well as neck warmer. The awesome design will definitely add style and character to any getup. It can easily converted into a hoodie and a neck warmer, the mesh stitch as bottom panel, and solid upwards to give warmth. It will be a fabulous addition to wear under coats, this pattern is an ideal project for experienced beginners looking to advance their knitting skills. This cowl is for Anthony Bourdain. The beauty of the world can take us to immeasurable heights of joy, and it’s awfulness can drop us in to the darkest pits of despair. Beauty and despair can both be seen in Anthony Bourdain’s work.  Thanks to Donna Druchunas so we can follow the free pattern and knit our fabulous viking cowls in such texture!

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Knit Parts Unknown Cowl Free Knitting Pattern

Click the link here for the free knitting pattern:

Parts Unknown by Donna Druchunas