Knit Dragon Toy Free Knitting Patterns & Paid

Knit Dragon Toys for all dragon lovers. As some of our knitting friends request to knit dragons, and here they come! If you prefer crochet, check the crochet dragon patterns here. Dragons have a long association with the city of Norwich and I fully recommend a visit and a trip to the Museum plus the Norwich Castle Museum. This is an intermediate to advanced pattern. You will need to be able to work in the round on dpns and it would help to be familiar with short rows, and there are many small parts which must be sewn together. There are free patterns available, and the one so close to the crochet version may need a wee fee there.

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Knit "Snap" the Norwich Dragon Toy Free Knitting Patterns

“Snap” the Norwich Dragon by Hannah Loveless

Knit Tarragon the Gentle Dragon Toy Free Knitting Patterns

Tarragon the Gentle Dragon by Knit-a- Zoo

Knit Dragon Toy Knitting Patterns

Knit Dragon by Aja Moniz

Knit Dragon Toy Free Knitting Patterns

Knitted Dragon by Kim Harrison