Knit Coachella Summer Sleeveless Top Free Knitting Top for Ladies

Love knitting? Great you are here and you will love this Knit Coachella Summer Sleeveless Top if you love sexy tank top or you are a gym lady. This Coachella top is hot with its cool racer back tank. A halter bra or racerback bralette is recommend to wear underneath. You can also DIY your own bra with the Bra Hacks I have shared with you. Or knit in a slightly looser-than-specified gauge, the construction of this tank beats the heat with a draped neckline and a mostly bare back. A perfect look for basking by the pool.  I also recommend Women Cable Knitted Sweater Cowl Vest which is one of my favorite for spring and Autumn wear. And don’t forget to check out our collection of  Crochet Cardigan Sweater Coat Free Patterns if you love bright colors just as I do. 🙂 The placement and shape of the armholes distort the front of the piece when worn to create a curved, draped neckline. The front edge of the armholes should fall at approximately the middle of your armpit on either side. In order not to show too much inside, knit the front part around shoulder short or knit the drapery part tight (with less stitches if you prefer to adjust).  If you knit it loose, the edging will roll less and look nice, and the drape will be better. If you knit it at the recommended gauge or tighter than recommended, the cloth will be less drapey and the edges might roll too much.

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Knit Coachella Summer Sleeveless Top Free Knitting Top for Ladies

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Coachella by Fathom Harvill