Knit Armadillo Toy Free Knitting Pattern

Knit Armadillo Toy for the ones who love this nine banded little creature! You may have seen the Armadillo in the zoo, surely something that was a once in a lifetime experience, this adorable buddy rolls up into a ball when afraid or tired. I have shared a lot of Knit Amigurummi toys with free patterns before, and you will be amazed with this irresistible cuteness which will make it your little one’s new best bud.  Now you can own your very own unique pet by crafting this super adorable knitted armadillo. Good that the pattern is perfect for advanced beginners and intermediate knitters looking to add unique and quirky items to their list of knitting projects.

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Knit Armadillo Toy Free Knitting Pattern

Click the link below for the free knitting pattern:

Don the Dillo by Gabrielle Thériault