Finger Knit Criss Cross Baby Blanket Free Knitting Pattern – Video

Work up this easy knitting Criss Cross Baby Blanket in no time using Bernat Alize Blanket. It’s super soft and plush using Bernat Alize Blanket-EZ. This yarn doesn’t require any tools and works up fast, with its unique loops and chunky microfibre chenille texture. Even for beginners of knitting or crochet, making plush soft cutie toys will be a must try since it requires basic knitting/crochet skills. The easy finger knit bunny I have featured was a perfect example. And now I am going to share this fun finger knitting bunny that you can make with your own hands. Never finger knit before, here is the guide: How to DIY Finger Knitting (Video). It’s easy to do finger knitting by wrap yarn around fingers to make strings. Rows are worked either right to left, or left to right, always with the right side of the work showing, you do not turn your project over at the end of the row. Join a new ball by pulling both the last loop of the previous ball and the first loop of the new ball through the next stitch. When you reach this doubled stitch on the next row, pull the new loop through both loops as if they were one stitch. 

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Finger Knit Criss Cross Baby Blanket Free Knitting Pattern - Video

Click the link below for the free pattern with video:

Criss-Cross Baby Blanket + Video