Easy Crochet 3D Flower Free Patterns + Video

You will love these easy Crochet 3D Flower Free Patterns, they are easy to crochet with layers, good for beginners to start. We have some crochet flowers free patterns featured on our site before and I would love to share another easy and fun way to crochet beautiful flowers with you. It can be used as embellishment on bags, scarfs, hats and on lots of other accessories. Remember the Crochet 3D Flower In Single Strip we shared the day before. Today we have selected exclusive video tutorial just for them who loves crochet and flowers and we hope you will enjoy and master it easily.

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Easy Crochet 3D Flower Free Patterns + Video

NotikaLand crochet and knitting Channel is a great source to learn all different crochet flowers that you can head over, and I hereby pick up 2 out of them which I love, wish it helps.


  • Cotton Yarn, if you want similar effect as video, I do recommend Lion 24-7 Cotton Yarn
  • Crochet Hook 2.75mm – 3.25mm

Easy Crochet 3D Flower Free Patterns + Video

Don’t stop there, crochet more layers and make it into beautiful doily. And crochet with different color as edging as we see Here: Crochet 3D Rose Flower In Bloom Free Pattern.

Video credit: NotikaLand crochet and knitting