DIY No Welding Tire Rim Grill Tutorial

It seems it’s getting warmer here and I already see some people having BBQ in the community park. If you love BBQ, why not build your own ones follow the tutorials we have HERE? And now you can make a charcoal grill yourself from upcycled car tire rim! It’s getting warmer as the flowers are budding outside. It’s the time to clear up all the wastes stacked around, and if lucky you have an old tire rim, make this brilliant wheeled tire rim grill for your outdoor, it’s easier without welding (kind of scarry for most of us) in such an innovative way. The tire rim grill looks pretty stylish and simple to make if not adding the extra wood base, but inserting into ground directly. By getting the rim out of the tire, cleaning it and add paint coat and it will be done. The pipe is also optional. You can get detailed instructions by browsing to the end. Follow the guide via the link at the bottom for the recycle tutorial.

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DIY No Welding Tire Rim Grill Tutorial

Click the link below for the detailed instructions provided by AmateurHour on Instructables:

Tire Rim Grill No Welding