DIY Knit Baby Jean Pants Free Knitting Pattern

Still remember the DIY Knit Monster Pants Free Patterns we had before. If you have tried that, you will feel so easy to crochet this one by change the yarn to jean yarn only, and the Softie Blue Jean yarn is available on Amazon Here. Most of us like Jeans, and we also have ways to Mend Jean Holes in Cutest Way for kids, or Turn Worn Jeans into DIY Cut Off Jean Shorts. My girls don’t like Jeans, and those Jeans I bought years ago is still here, they feel unconfortable at the bottom, do your kids have similiar complaints?

DIY Knit Baby Jeans Free Pattern

Now this is a better solution, that we can knit or crochet stretchy soft pants for them. This combination of comfortable and fashionable  is just the thing they can accept. The jeans are constructed of two mirror pieces, one for each leg, joined in the center. The cuffs are knitted in a lighter shade of true denim yarn which make the whole looks like real ones. Interested in making one, here is the tutorial with patterns: And don’t miss out the Ways to Turn Worn Jeans into DIY Cut Off Jean Shorts for little ones.

DIY Knit Baby Jean Pants Free Knitting Pattern

Click the link below to get the free pattern:

Patterns Blu by by Cristina Bernardi Shiffman and Kay Gardiner