DIY Handprint Concrete Stepping Stone Tutorials, Fun Garden Crafts for Kids

I have shared a lot of garden planter DIY tutorials featured, and if you want something fun and unique for your garden landscaping or for your indoor succulent garden, The DIY Recycled Tire Teacup Planters (Video) is one of my favorite. And spring is coming and many of us are getting busy decorating and planting in the garden, I am going to share the easy crafts for kids to get involved with these DIY Handprint Concrete Stepping Stones. It is really great idea to make these unique and cute cement stepping stones with hand prints for gardens. It would be perfect gifts for kids to make one each year to keep the track during growing up for memories. You can create together with your kids, using handprint, footprints, flat marbles from Dollar Store, made in disposable aluminum pan used as mold.

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DIY Leaf Shaped Handprint Garden Stepping Stones Tutorial

Click the link here to get the DIY  tutorial: Handprint Garden Stepping Stones You Can Make Yourself 

DIY Cute Cement Stepping Stone Tutorial

Click the link here to get the DIY  tutorial: Cute Cement Stepping Stone

DIY MOSAIC TILE Garden Stepping Stones Tutorial
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Click the link here to get the DIY  tutorial: MOSAIC TILE STEPPING STONE. More on Next Page