DIY Cedar Monogram Planter Box Tutorial

There are so many fabulous ways to decorate your gardens, planters are wide accepted by most of us gardeners. We have so many DIY Planters with tutorials featured on our site that you can take a look there. And today we are going to share an inspirational wall planter idea for those who don have no enough garden space, or who want to beautify the wall as the designers Michelle and Ryan did for their home.

DIY Cedar Monogram Planter Box Tutorial

Image: Ellery Designs 

The project is quite straight forward, you can design different letters with the tutorials they brought to us. And it remind me of Living Succulent Picture Wall Decor Tutorials.

Supplies you need:

  • Cedar Wood Board (Cedar is always preferred for Gardening purpose)
  • Nails and Glue

Build the frame first, and then add planter slats with smaller cedar, using brad nails to secure in place. Be sure to drill small holes on the bottom of slats to allow for water to drain properly. They mount them to wall outside or inside, and design you own letters or words, Add herbs, annuals and vegetables for your fun garden experience.

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DIY Cedar Monogram Planter Box Tutorial

Thanks Michelle and Ryan for this beautiful idea, you can check the full step by step tutorial there: DIY CEDAR MONOGRAM PLANTER BOX