Kitchen Tips: DIY Cast Iron Skillet Reconditioning Easy Tutorial

I have shared a lot of Kitchen Hacks if you stay most of your time in Kitchen. I’ve read reports that say cooking with some nonstick cookware can make you sick. What happened was that the chemicals to make the pans non-sticky would peel off in high temperature. Cast iron pans is one of the best alternative for non-sticky pan, it lasts forever, but the problem is it’s easy to get rust or crud. Do you know Right Way to Cook with Cast Iron Skillets? even if you forgot them in the corner with rust, don’t worry, you can recondition it back to normal with this little trick I am going to share with you now. Greg, the black iron dude, can show you how to recondition a cast iron skillet which does not require power tools but very much elbow grease. It is amazingly easy to get your rusty cast iron skillet back with these simple supplies: aerosol oven cleaner or dish soap;  scrub pad if necessary; plastic bags, big sandwich bag preferred, ordinary white vinegar and most important olive oil and oven! Scrub your skillet clean, spray the oil and rub them all over the surface front and back, and put into the oven, baking……  Sounds increditable? Then try it, and see the magic yourself!

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DIY Cast Iron Skillet Reconditioning Easy Tutorial

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Video credit: ehow cookingguide