Crochet Valentine’s Cupid Angel Amigurumi Free Pattern

Show you love with this crochet Cupid Angel Amigurumi, for kids and for the one you love. Crochet dolls are often for kids, they are all so cute and my girls love them so much. I have a lot of Amigurummi toys with free patterns before, and I would love to crochet some of these lovelies for them to cuddle up and decorate their room. And how about yourself? You may crochet a lot and you need some gifts for yourself, too. And this Crochet Doll Amigurumi Free Pattern is fabulous and right for you! No matter what age you are, crochet it if you are senior, or change the color and hairstyle for the young.

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Crochet Valentine's Cupid Angel Amigurumi Free Pattern

Click the link here for the free crochet pattern:

I give you my heart Valentine’s Cupid by Harumi