Crochet Unicorn Hood Free Crochet Patterns

Many of girls now love unicorns, my girls are absolutely one of the unicorn fans from movies or toys, and this unicorn-doll in one would be new toy for them to show around. I have shared a lot of Unicorn Crochet free patterns before, and I would love to crochet some of these lovelies for them to cuddle up and decorate their room.   This unicorn hooded scarf can be wrapped up like a scarf, or worn down with pockets. 

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Crochet Unicorn Hood Free Crochet Patterns

Unicorn Hood by Stacey Williams

Crochet Unicorn Hood Scarf with Pocket Free Crochet Pattern

Unicorn Hood by Breann Mauldin

Crochet Unicorn Hood Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

Rainbow Unicorn Hood Scarf by Courtney Lang