Crochet Rainbow Scarf with Ruler Free Pattern

This is something new for me, crochet and braid is combined, and ruler can be used in this project, too. This technique is great to add different colors on a scarf, or you can braid one line to us a belt, too. I have shared a bundle of crochet projects you can check them out, including the crochet hatcrochet cowl, and crochet cardigan to keep your warm in cold weather.  This Pixie looking Crochet Hooded Cowl Harlequin Hoodie is so bright for any fashion trend. It is a fabulous combination of hat as well as neck warmer. If you love to crochet scarf or hoodie with this stripe stitch, you can mix the color at your preference, it looks gorgeous with same tone or even ombre color, too.  And today instead of braiding your hairstyles, we are going to braid the yarn loops using ruler into fun and fabulous rainbow scarf. The technique is similar to using the hairpin, and the tutorial with video is also included.

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Crochet Rainbow Scarf with Ruler Free Pattern

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Crochet Hairpin Lace Scarf Free Pattern with Video Tutorial

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