Crochet Hook Holder Case Free Crochet Pattern + Video

Hi, calling for all crocheters. Time to crochet something for yourself.  I have a bunch of crochet projects for crocheters, including the crochet hatcrochet cowl, and crochet cardigan to keep your warm in cold weather.  You may familiar with crochet case. But for all beginners, crochet something new for ourselves can be worthy, especially you have a lot of hooks you bought by change. This case is worked all in one piece and folds like a book. The hook “pockets” are crocheted into the case! This case holds 10 hooks…a complete set sizes B to K. Written by Ms. Priscilla Hewitt of Priscilla’s Crochet, this hook storage case fits standard aluminum crochet hooks (and some thicker ones too) perfectly! She was kind enough to give me permission to make a YouTube tutorial video of her pattern, because there are some tricky spots!  This case are good gift, too.

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Crochet Hook Holder Case Free Crochet Pattern + Video

Crochet Hook Case Holder Folder Wallet Video

Click the link below to get the written pattern:

Aluminum Hook Case Free Pattern by Priscilla Hewitt