Crochet Girl’s Flower Backpack Free Crochet Patterns

I have some crochet bags featured before, and for all the parents or grandparents who can only meet your little kids in Summer, backpack will be fabulous choice for them. In addition to the Crochet Book Bag Free Patterns for Kids; the Floral Fiesta is a great crochet bag for school, camp or anywhere else kids might need a backpack. The flowers make it extra fun and girly.  The Cherry Blossom Backpack with intricate design is another fun and pretty for her to carry around on a small backpack that won’t weight her down. If you use a larger hook, you can even make a bigger crochet bag for your older ones as well. Keep this design in mind for other crochet projects just because it is so beautiful and could have a lot of other great uses for decorating around the house. Charming Crocheted Flower Bag, can be worn as Backpack too. Such fun accessories even for You or your Little one! So Girly and Sweet!! Can be made from any medium worsted yarn in any colors combination and just Perfect addition to her wardrobe.

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Crochet Floral Fiesta Girl's Flower Backpack/Bag in One Free Crochet Pattern

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Floral Fiesta. Crochet Bag/Backpack 2 in 1 Free Pattern for Kids

Crochet Girls Cherry Blossom Backpack Free Crochet Pattern

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Cherry Blossom Backpack by Manda Nicole