Crochet Fox Lovey Blanket Free Crochet Pattern & Paid

Crochet Fox Lovey Blanket as a fabulous gift to mom-to-be and a lucky baby. The Foxy Fox Lovey was created to match the 3in1 Woodland Fox Baby Blanket which I also share below. I have shared some different versions of baby lovey blankets, and now we can add another woodland themed one by choosing your own color scheme. Use shades of blue for a boy, pretty pinks for a girl or natural, neutral colors such as warm orange or browns for an unisex lovey. Made with double knit (light worsted) yarn, this blanket is warm and soft, but light in weight, perfect for babies of all sizes and ages.

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Crochet Fox Lovey Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Click the link below for the free crochet pattern:

Foxy Fox Lovey Security Blanket by Crafting Happiness

Crochet Wonderland Fox Blanket Crochet Pattern

If you’ve learned to security blanket crochet above, you may figure out how to crochet this large sized blanket or purchase the written pattern via the link below:

3 in 1 Woodland Fox Baby Blanket by Crafting Happiness