Crochet Criss Cross Spa Slippers Free Crochet Pattern – Video

If you love to crochet some house slippers for your family, you will love to check out Crochet Women Slippers Shoe Patterns Round Up. Today we are going to share a fabulous house slippers from t-shirt yarns. Remember the Fabulous DIY Ways to Recycle Old T-Shirts yarns? You can make your own t-shirt yarn by cutting old tee into thin straps, or purchase t-shirt ribbon yarns of any color on line. And you will love this most comfortable slippers you can make out of old t-shirts with double soles.   You can also add some appliques and other accessories. Thanks to author for tutorial and for beautiful design. You can crochet these slippers for whole family and it’s sturdy and easy to slip on.

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Crochet Criss Cross Spa Slippers Free Crochet Pattern-Video