Crochet Christmas Gnomes Amigurumi Free Patterns

Christmas comes especially early this year! Now decorate for Christmas with these beautiful and charming gnomes. I have shared many crochet Christmas projects and you can click through to take a look. Do you want cute, knitted Christmas decorations?  Gnomes of the Gnorth are quick, addictive to make, and all-around adorable. They’re worked in the round, with flat bottoms (so they can stand up by themselves), short bodies, and tall pointy hats that you can style in multiple ways. Their noses are embroidered, and their beards are crocheted separately and sewn on. Perfect size for decorating the tree or omit the hanging loop and wear as a fun Christmas pin or use as an applique!

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Crochet Christmas Gnomes Amigurumi Free Patterns

Gnomes of the Gnorth by Sue Perez

Crochet Shy Christmas Gnomes Amigurumi Free Patterns

Shy Christmas Gnomes by Hobbii Design

Crochet Santa Gnomes Christmas Ornament Amigurumi Free Patterns

Santa Gnome Christmas Ornament by Tonya Bush

Crochet Christmas Gnome Amigurumi Free Patterns

Scandinavian Christmas Gnome by Nerissa Muijs