Crochet Blossom Handbag Free Crochet Patterns

I have shared some crochet bags with free patterns already, and if you are looking for some handbags for the breezy spring outing, The Crochet Tote Bag Free Patterns are just perfect for weekend shopping. How about your little ones? They will love those fish bags to carry around with their toys. This bag is pretty versatile in design. If you want a slightly less blooming bag, then fasten off your petals after only a couple of rows. If you want fewer layers of petals, just fasten off and pick up the yarn after a round or two and start the petals again. It can be made into a larger bag or a smaller one like a coin purse. You can even do petals on both sides of the bag for an exploding blooms bag, just work the back of the bag as you do for the front. A lining can be added, but since I’m slightly intimidated by sewing I like the option of not having to line. So using the chunky/bulky yarn and medium sized hook makes it sturdy enough to keep from stretching.

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Crochet Flower Burst Handbag Free Crochet Pattern

Click the link here for free pattern:

Flower Burst Bag by Yasmin Gamal

Click the link here for free pattern:

A Bag in Blossom by Julie Armstrong Holetz