Crochet Baby Yoda Costume Pattern, Good Gift Idea for Newborn

Do you love the movie star war, guess you or your little ones are obsessed in the VII season as I do. My friend told me so many times to watch the movie, as she was so in love with it and watched all the series she missed. which character you love most, master yoda, kylo ren in the hemlet or the Princess Leia. We have Origami Darth Vader, too. Girls love the princess, and so with all the little princess, and today we are going to try this quick and twisted version of Princess Leia Yarn Wig for your Star Wars fans. It’s so adorable and perfect for dressing up your little angels and imagine the fun photos you can take with that. This cute Baby Yoda Costume is the perfect costume for your baby. All items (Yoda Boties, Gloves and Cloak) are included. Star wars hat is perfect for baby first photo prop, for Newborn Baby Shower Gift , for Child & Teen birthday, for Adult cosplay. I shared 2 different versions of yoda hat free patterns and a yoda robe with paid pattern below, and there are more on the Etsy shop.

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Crochet Toddler Kids Yoda Costume Pattern

Click here for the paid pattern:

 Toddler Yoda Costume Crochet PDF PatternYoda Baby Costume Crochet Pattern PDF

Baby Yoda Ears Costume Free Crochet Pattern

Click here for the free pattern:

 Yoda Ears by Jessica Lester-Stuart

Warm Yoda Baby Hat Free Crochet Pattern

This is a warm, stretchy Yoda hat for babies. It is super quick and should be very easy to make. Click here for the free pattern: 

Warm Yoda baby hat by Krupskaja