Amigurumi Pocket Dragon Free Crochet Pattern + Video

This Pocket Dragon is a cute, mini plush of magic and joy! This little fantasy creature is a quick, easy, and almost no-sew amigurumi. The only part that requires sewing is his wings. I have shared a lot of Amigurummi dragon toys with free patterns before, and I would love to crochet some of these lovelies for them to cuddle up and decorate their room. This is the perfect ami doll to make for craft fairs, medieval or Renaissance fairs, farmer’s markets, or as kids party favors.  This unisex and gender neutral toy will appeal to all: boys, girls, children, adults, and everyone in-between! It’s a great last-minute birthday gift and Christmas holiday gift.

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Amigurumi Pocket Dragon Free Crochet Pattern

Click the link below for the FREE crochet pattern(Download Purchase):

Pocket Dragon by Sweet Softies