Amigurumi Kitty Lovey Free Crochet Patterns

Who else love the meow Amigurumi Kitty Lovey?! There are some different baby lovey blankets I have featured on my site that you won’t miss out, If you are looking for crochet blankets for little ones? I have shared  many Crochet Baby Blankie Free Patterns you can check them out. This kitty lovey is every little girl’s dream! Babies & children will love cuddling up with this sweet security blanket. It’s super fun to make and turns out adorable! The pattern is beginner-friendly with lots of description and photos, but is also enjoyable for more experienced crocheters. It is both soft toy and a blanket/ comforter, two in one really, toy to play with and a comforter to sleep with and perfect size and is quick to make for the next baby shower.

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Amigurumi Kitty Lovey Free Crochet Patterns

Kitty Lovey by Loops and Love Crochet

Amigurumi Kitty Lovey Cat Free Crochet Patterns

Kitty Lovey Cat Kitten by Tatie

Amigurumi Kitty Love Blankie Free Crochet Patterns

Kitty Love Blankie by Michele Wilcox