Amigurumi Christmas Elf Doll Free Crochet Patterns

These little elves are bound to get you in the holiday spirit!I have shared some Elf crochet projects that you won’t miss out! Hopper over and choose your favorite. The patterns below include instructions for the girl and boy elf. Most of the instructions are the same, except for the skirt/tunic and hair will have two separate sets of instructions depending on which elf you are making. Each section of the pattern is worked up separately and then sewn together at the end. The legs are sewn on separately so they can sit independently, but they can also stand if leaned against something. You can choose to make one, or the pair. Together or individually, these elves are perfect for cuddling, decorating, or gift-giving. Have fun!

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Amigurumi Christmas Weebee Elf Doll Free Crochet Patterns

Click the link below to get the free crochet patterns:

Weebee Doll Elf Hat by Laura Tegg + Dolls

Amigurumi Christmas Elf Doll Free Crochet Patterns

Christmas Elf by Kali Dahle

Amigurumi Christmas Santa' s elf Jingle Doll Free Crochet Patterns

Santa’ s elf Jingle by passionatecraft2

Christmas Elf Doll Amigurumi Free Crochet Patterns

Elf Amigurumi by Loops and Love Crochet