African Flower Mandala Pot Holder Crochet Free Pattern

I love this Colorful African Flower Mandala Pot Holder. Crochet African Flower is very beautiful, you can use your favorite colors and give a beautiful handmade gift delivery. Handmade Crochet blankets can be another warm addition to your home and bedding?  I have shared a modern and elegant African flower hexagon motif to make excellent use of your favorite self-striping yarn. 3 rounds in a self-striping yarn and 1 round in a coordinating solid and you will quickly complete your motifs. Join using Join As You Go or slip stitch the motifs together for a beautiful and luxurious throw. With a self-striping yarn, colors are ever-changing and it is fun to see each motif develop differently. And if you love African Flowers and are keen to make anything with them, you will love to crochet it into circle and turn it into a granny mandala and backed it with a plain circle. This is what the offspring of enlightenment and retro kitsch would look like, colorful and fabulous mandalas hanging above the stove, or anything you would love to use the crochet circles.

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African Flower Mandala Pot Holder Crochet Free Pattern

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African Flower Mandala Pot Holder by Crochet with Raymond