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Knit Owl Notebook Sleeve Free Pattern

This Knit Owl Notebook Sleeve Free Patternis a very flexible one, which means that you can basically adjust it to any netbook, tablet PC or notebook, but which also means that the pattern doesn’t always give you fixed instructions, but rather guidelines.  I have so many crochet owl projects featured that you can check them out Here and Here. Which I recommend most are DIY Crochet Owl Basket Free Pattern and The collection of more than 20 DIY Free Crochet Owl Patterns. This crochet owl with crocodile stitch is really pretty for garment embellishment or home decoration, and it’s a perfect DIY project for beginners to try.Because of the crocodile stitch that was used, the crochet owl looks as if its body is covered with real feathers. After you learn the crocodile stitch, you can crochet owl projects with mug cozy, owl toy as I am going to share today. The pattern consists of two main parts to be knitted – the actual Notebook sleeve and it’s flap. Beside that you’ll find the instructions for the owl’s eyes and beak, all of which are crocheted.

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Knit Owl Notebook Sleeve Free Pattern

Get the free pattern here:

Owlish Netbooksleeve by Corrisande